Discover Christmas 2019 With My Exclusive Round Up of Dunelm's Festive Collection


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

This week has been all about birthdays and the madness of this Sunday, as I prepare to turn 24. However, yesterday I decided to head into the festive season in the middle of July. Many of you will know that I love Christmas. Everything about it including every sparkle and charm. It is the only time I will allow for glitter in my home in fact.

At the start of the week, I was invited by Dunelm, the home experts to attend their Christmas press show and to say I was excited would have been an understatement. After gathering my mum, the pair of us headed into the heart of London to gather all the interior tips and inspiration we would need for Christmas 2019. And I got a lot!

With five different rooms to walk through, the Dunelm festive collection for this year started with a beautiful drinks and cakes selection, which included mini panettones. Something that warmed my Italian heart hugely. Drinks in hand, we were then given a lovely tour around the room, walking first into the dining room inspired set up.

Christmas carol music sheets, tiny gold mice and beautiful cutlery and crockery adorned the velvet table, featuring gorgeous tree-lined foliage and twinkle lights. It was honestly the dining table of dreams that would look good in any home. Big or small. Surrounded by trees decorated with glittering lights and baubles, as well as the addition of fake snow, the room led us into the main show area.

Here was where the five rooms and their designs were featured. Starting with the gift area, Dunelm has gathered everything you would need to make sure that your loved ones get the gift that suits them. From gingerbread and Santa inspired baking tools and tins to Brussels sprouts puzzles, stockings and sacks will feature some of the items in them that I saw this year in our house. I even told my mum that I want the sprouts puzzle.

There was also a shelf dedicated to the brilliant recyclable crackers that Dunelm has made this year to be more sustainable, which I adored as they were filled with origami animals to make at the table. A brilliant idea from the norm.

Next, we were taken into the living room area. Here is where I feel for a gorgeous festive pouffe, which I am going to invest in for my bedroom I think lovelies. Given the theme of Highland Luxe by the Dunelm team, the room had velvet chairs, stag tealight holders, Nordic designs and glittering decorations and golden tables and trees galore. Amongst lots of tartan features. Everything that would give a new feel to the most fashionable season of the year.

From here, we headed into the Dreamscape designed bedroom, which was made for living like royalty. This year’s Snow Animal designed bedding was covered in fluffy pillows, fur throws and carpets and grey wardrobes and drawers, which worked so well with the added addition of snowy nutcrackers and draped sheets. Imagine those cosy winter cabin pictures of people snuggled up in thick socks and jumpers with a hot chocolate in bed and this is what Dunelm have made for 2019. My idea of perfection in real life.

A theme that I also found in the children’s bedroom designs, as Dunelm have made sure that cosy and fun blend for a festive season to end all festive seasons. The dinosaur bedding is something that if I could have got away with stealing on the day I would have done so. Covered in cuddly toys, wooden sustainable toys and pink unicorns, the children’s rooms were designed to last from November up until January, with the bright colours bringing so much joy. I am still wondering how long it is going to be until the dinosaur duvet is in stores because I want it badly.

After the first dining room, the next room was going to have to make a huge impact and for me it did. The dining room setting amongst the five was one that reflected our true Christmas dinner set up. Funny napkins in festive shapes, bowls and mugs with Christmas creatures on them and crackers galore. This is what we live for in our house and my mum is still talking about getting the bowl and mug sets for herself, my dad and me to have on Christmas morning or as a way to bring in dessert and an after-dinner drink on the big day. I have warned her we are five months away, but she is now certain on these sets and at £5 they are super affordable too.

The final room we were shown was the bathroom. With all the features fit made for the ultimate comfort, the room included a bathtub tray that can hold that cheeky glass of prosecco and Christmas snacks on it. A super affordable Santa and Rudolph bathmat, which at £7, I know will also be making an appearance in our home. Finally, a penguin and reindeer duck that will be £2 each and an investment I will be making for our home.

Given free reign from here to continue to look around, enjoy the canapes and to make a festive wish list to post off to the Dunelm Santa, we also sat down and took part in a creative season with a great team, before heading off into the London sun. Five months away from Christmas we may be, but already I want it. In fact, can we just skip everything up until November now? I want to decorate my house in many ways Dunelm did and if I have to hear how long will it be until my mum can buy that mug and bowl set one more time, I may have to take serious action aha!

Joey X 

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