Pitch Perfect 3 DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Remember the first time you saw Pitch Perfect? Everything about it was all so right and fun and full of the Glee factor but in a fresh way. All of which leading to a sequel that whilst it didn’t pack as much of a punch was still fun.

Now on their third outing, the Barden Bella’s, fresh out of college, have lost a bit of their charm as they challenge real life with singing action. Returning for the final film, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Hailee Steinfield bring back the characters we have come to love but not in the way that we have loved them.

Everything either seems a bit too serious, predictable or downright silly in the film. A sad factor when it was all going so right. The competition in which the girls sing in doesn’t seem as feisty anymore. The chance to sing with DJ Khaled isn’t like the sing offs in the first film. It all just seems like the magic dust that was sprinkled on the first two has run out for the characters.

Wilson’s Fat Amy in fact, is one of the only characters who really seems the same. But even her storyline with her long-lost crook of a dad gets taken a step to close to the edge of being unbelievable. Something that should not have been done to a character who worked and had charm without needing to have much done to her. Whilst, Kendrick works hard to make sure that some of the film remains the same and her character lives up to what we have seen before well.

Easily one of the best thing about the film though is seeing the group all back together. You don’t just route for them in the film but also their friendship in real life, because it is just that. Real! It has been evident from the first film and is always great to see. It is a sad fact that they are ending their story on such a limp third outing.

As well, the performance scenes make the film come back to life. With toe-tapping elements, they all bring a new edge to their voices for this one and make them shine on stage. If there had been more of it, the film would have fared better.

Overall, Pitch Perfect 3 brings a nice close to the franchise, but it would have been better if the story had been given more structure, singing and sisterhood.

There so, I am giving it...

2 1/2 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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