Requiem Series One DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Over the past few years the BBC has made a number of hit crime and thrillers that have left us on the edge of our seats. The Fall, Sherlock and Luther are just a few that have left us locking our doors and running under our duvets at night.

As we waited week after week to find out what has happened, we were left with our scary thoughts to keep guessing. Until their latest thriller treat arrived. With all six episodes having been released on BBC iPlayer, before they were aired on TV, Requiem tells the story of a young woman who witnesses the suicide of her mother that leads to mystery and madness.

Played by Lydia Wilson, the show portrays a skilful cellist Matilda, after she sees her mum commit suicide in a car park in front of her. As she works to get through what she has seen, she discovers a box that her mother had filled with details and paperwork about the mysterious disappearance of a toddler in 1994 called Carys.

Deciding to find out what happened to the child and why her mother has a box full of clippings on her, she decides to work with her musical partner Hal, played by Plebs star Joel Fry, to discover what it all means.

Each episode plays out the dark and scary depths of a childhood abduction, but also the second guessing of a human being. As the series goes on Matilda manages to convince not only herself but some of those around her that she is Carys – a brilliant way to make audiences want to watch on to find out the truth.

There are true moments of terror that will have you looking for a pillow to hide behind. The supernatural elements bring in a mix of audiences to the show, as the appeal of so many ideas and storylines make it compelling for all. Seriously, there is romance, crime, thriller, horror and supernatural themes throughout the whole thing. Is there a genre I have missed aha?

Both Fry and Wilson are fantastic and highlight a huge shift in their careers. They are believable and truly express the feeling that they are scared by what they are witnessing in front of them. There were many moments where I was shouting at them to hide or do something, as they drew me in so much. Plus, with a brilliant score, their acting was truly compelling to watch.

However, after viewing the whole series there was one issue, which I had that could have solved the whole issue easily. Why didn’t anyone try to do a DNA test? Anyone else think this? They go to the hospital many times and Matilda speaks to the police, but never do they go into this idea. It makes the show seem a little sloppy, because it is something that as an audience member you can’t get over and become frustrated with that they haven’t done. It is also something that the scriptwriters could have done to make it a really clean story.

Overall, Requiem is a clever mix of thrills, spills and treats that pushes the boundaries with many scenes. It is a refreshing show that feels like it could be shown on many platforms and has given birth to a new wave of detective series.

There so, I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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