Almond Oil Body Polish? Yes Please! Find Out What Happened At The Dove 2018 Showcase


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Once a year, the amazing team at Dove UK put on an amazing showcase to celebrate the best and new products that they are bringing to the market. Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to attend them and today I got to experience their 2018 selection.

With brand new hair, body and baby products being introduced, I was ready to feel like the stars getting pampered at the Oscars on Sunday night. Upon entering 19 Greek Street, I was introduced to the team who walked me through three floors of Dove items, which I knew were going to take over my bathroom.

After walking up the first flight of stairs, I was treated to an exciting first look at their new deodorant ranges. Keeping the classic scents, such as Original, Sensitive, Cucumber and Green Tea and the Go Fresh ranges, the team have remade them to make them more environmentally friendly. Using 0% aluminum to make the kinder to skin, the fragrances still packed a punch but ensured that we would have softer skin. Something I am in love with because Dove is the only deodorant I can use due to my asthma.

In the same room, the team introduced me to a whole host of new products. Including a new shower mousse, in almond, coconut and rose oils to treat all kinds of skin. Showing me how they came out, the creams were thick and light, with lots of gorgeous scents coming from them. Plus, they can be used as a shaving cream too! Which will lead to the ultimate soft skin feeling, when applied with the new body polishes and micellar water that the team has made in the same scents. Baby skin is making a comeback lovelies!

Travelling up to the next floor, it was like stepping off the plane when you go on holiday. You know when you get that feeling of the sun on your skin? That knowledge that you are going to get a tan? With the introduction to brand new self-tanning and well-known trustworthy products, the team is going to make sure that we have that gorgeous sun-kissed look all year round. I will admit that I am not a big self-tanner, but my mum is a fan of Dove tanning products and they really do leave her with a nice soft look on her skin.

Turning around, in a corner of the room, the classic Ritual products could be found, however, they have now had hand creams and body lotion sprays added to them. I really want to try the body lotion spray, as it is definitely my kind of treatment when I am rushing around in a hurry (most mornings aha!). And it smelt amazing, especially the coconut based one.

Further, in the room, the Dove Baby items were all set up and the scene looked so cute! Introducing a new sensitive range for this year, the team have made the bottles bigger, but still easy to use when you have a baby in your arms. I picked up a few bits for my nephew, as I know it has done his skin the world of good, as well as a few pieces to try on myself too.

Going up to the final floor, I was greeted by an amazing hair care team, who were spending the day helping us all find the best products for our hair. Since going to the event last year I have been using the Dove Oxygen Touch products to help my hair, after it began to thin a little due to medicine I was on and my hair has never been better. I couldn’t wait to tell the team this and they said my hair looked really good (my frizzy main has never felt better aha!).

After looking at the new products on offer, we were treated to a shop experience, where we were able to pick up a number of products for free. It is here where I went a little mad for the hair care treatments aha! The oxygen one is just my biggest love!

To find out more about the products coming out or to speak to a member of the team about what may be best for you, check out Dove on Twitter at @DoveUK lovelies. You will be feeling like an Oscar winner before you know it! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X 

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