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And how are we all today? Well I hope! As the winters month draw closer the blog is about to embark on some very exciting things lovelies including the Raindance Film Festival. I am so excited to have been asked to cover the event and super proud that before it has even begun I have already had the chance to speak to some of those involved. 

Today marks the start of my coverage with a great interview with Hux director and actress, Mageina Tovah. The film is the directorial debut for the actress and will showcase her talents as not only a star in American Horror Story and Spider-Man but also behind the camera. 

Have a read about what she has to say about her very exciting upcoming time at the festival…

Firstly Could You Tell Readers What Hux Is All About And Who The Characters Are?

“Hux” is a drama about a woman struggling to connect with others through the isolating veil of her autism. Hux strives to become a strong, capable woman in the midst of a confusing, chaotic world and uncertain future.

Where Did The Idea For The Story/Plot Come From? 
I’ve always been very interested in apocalyptic stories, and a character facing the universe on their own has been a theme in my art. When I realized that Hux had autism, the character and story blossomed.

How Did It Feel To Direct, Create And Then Star In Hux? 
It’s been wonderful and freaky! It’s a strange thing to be the one to answer all the questions about the direction a film takes, but it’s been empowering to know people are seeing and appreciating what I was trying to convey.

You Have An Incredible Background In Film And TV, How Did The Work You Had Done In Those Influence Your Performance In Hux?
I’ve been lucky to play a wide range of characters in my career. For any role I play, I try my best to shrug them on without criticism or judgement. 

Congratulations On Being Chosen For The Raindance Film Festival! How Did It Feel To Be Chosen To Be At The Festival? 
Thank you!! It’s so exciting!! 

Is There A Scene In The Film That You Are Most Proud Of And Why?
My niece, Aurora Elise, plays the Little Girl in the film. She was four years old at the time and was such a trooper, but by the time we got to her last shot, she’d kind of had it and had become a very floppy little kid. Her floppiness was making it difficult to get the shot, but then I realized that only the right side of her body from the shoulder down was in the shot. I put a cookie in her left hand, she chowed down and we got the shot.

What Moment In The Film Should Audiences Look Out For And Why This One In Particular? 
There are lots of little things I wove into the film that hint at where the story will take us.

Can You Tell Us About Anything You Are Working On Next Or When We Should Look Out For Your Next Project? 
I am expanding Hux's story so we can get a larger view of that world in a TV series or feature-length film. As an actor, I will be returning as The Librarian on the second season of Syfy’s The Magicians.

Magenia is donating all of the artwork for the film to the auction, www.MoreThanACone.com animal rescue charity, lovelies so make sure to look out for it. As well you can find out more on the website or on their Twitter and Facebook channels. 

More Raindance news on the way!

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