Hey Lovelies, 

Okay so many of you will have seen the films in which made my 2015, but now it is time to celebrate and get excited about the new films that will be coming out in the New Year lovelies! I already have so many on my list to see, but I decided to narrow it down to my top ten lovelies, otherwise the list could have gone on for a long time aha! 

There is a huge mix here lovelies, so there is something that will be for you on the list and I hope that this year we will be able to watch them and talk about them together as the huge film fans that we are lovelies! 

Bring these films on 2016…

Ghostbusters: All of my favourite women, playing my favourite characters, in a favourite film of mine. Having been given the original film on my birthday years ago, I am going to be sat in the cinema on my birthday this year watching the new film and I am so excited. They may have to strap me down because I will be bouncing around so much with a smile on my face.

Zoolander 2: Since they marked their return at Fashion Week last year, I have been looking forward to seeing this sequel due to the crazy people in which are involved within it. I hope everyone has been practicing their blue steel faces, because this film is going to call for them to be the best.

The Huntsman - Winters War: There is something about this film that is making it look like it will be an epic action film. From the great cast to what seems like a very interesting plot, this film will be the one in which I will go into the cinema excited for.

Suicide Squad: Have you seen the trailer? That right there made me want to go to Warner Bros Studios and get down on my hands and knees praying to them to let me see the film there and then lovelies. Jared Leto looks perfect as the Joker and I am so looking forward to seeing him as the figure more. 

High – Rise: Tom Hiddleston and everything about this film has been very mysterious, until the trailer dropped last month and so did my jaw, because I want to see it now lovelies. I have high hopes for this one and I think it could potentially be the film in which I want to see the most on this list.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Growing up this film was on a lot in our house, because my dad loved it so much and so did I. With the great big family returning to the big screen, I am so excited to see what they have all been up to and the next part in their story.

Bridget Jones Baby: I have already told my mum that we have to see this together. When I saw the first film she was very ill and we watched it cuddled up in bed, as she got over a hospital operation. Now we can watch it snuggled up in the cinema and I cannot wait.

Batman V Superman: Everyone and anyone is waiting patiently to see Ben Affleck as Batman and I am one of those people. With Christian Bale being a tough act to beat, I can’t wait to see what Affleck does to make sure he gets the figure right for us all.

Creed: Having grown up with brothers who were obsessed with the Rocky franchise, I am looking forward to seeing the new story and plot in which this film is going to create. With old and new faces taking to the big screen to give us it, I have heard good things so far about the film.

The Legend of Tarzan: I don’t know what it is about this film, but I am so excited to see one of my favourite Disney stories get retold in a magical way. I think the cast is perfect and I am really hoping that the vision and storyline to it is to.

(And a few honourable mentions go to: Eddie the Eagle, How to Be Single and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie!)

What films are you looking forward to seeing in the New Year lovelies? Let me know! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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