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Now you have seen my top films of the year lovelies, I thought I would share with you all the top TV picks that won me over this year. I am obsessed with TV at the moment, which I think is due to the train journeys I take aha, and therefore I have been watching a lot of it. 

Some of these I have only just fallen in love with and others have been my favourites for a long time, but I hope that most of all they are shows that have also won you lovelies over or kept you going throughout the year. Take it away honey…

Homeland: One of my favourite shows returned with one of the most topical storylines of all time and I don’t think I will ever get over the end of season five. It has made my heart very sad and I won’t spoil it but it will probably make you all upset too. 

The Big Bang Theory: How could you not love this show? As a huge fan of the show, the new seasons managed to keep me hooked on them and I often turn to them when I need a pick me up, as Sheldon Cooper is my spirit animal. 

Scandal: After getting Amazon Prime earlier this year, it took me until November to get the service on my tablet and once I did, I became addicted to the show and I am now in season five! Olivia Pope and her team are legends in my eyes but the real winner in this show is the soundtrack!

Outlander: Having discovered this show after being recommended it, it soon became the show in which I was telling everyone that they had to watch this year. I have had a number of moments screaming with my friends Amy and Issy about the show and now all three of us are awaiting the return of Jamie, I mean the show. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: This comedy came out of nowhere and won everyone other. Mostly because of the theme tune, but also because of the brilliant characters, Tituss and Kimmy, as they just gave their all each episode. Another binge-watch that took place this year.

Transparent: All year I waited for the return of this show and binge watched it in 24 hours. Every member within the family has a different storyline and the family dynamic is so interesting to see as a viewer that when the laughs come it makes for just brilliant TV.

Scream Queens: Much like the classic horror films in which were cheesy but perfection, this new show brought with it so much dramedy that you could not stop watching. Jamie Lee Curtis was the best character within the show and with the soundtrack focusing on Waterfalls by TLC, you couldn’t forget what was happening each week, because you just kept singing it.

Catastrophe: If there was ever a couple who were not meant to be, but it was so perfect that they came together it is these two, as Sharon and Rob have made a show that fits the modern day dating and family scene so well. I don’t think there wasn’t an episode where Rob didn’t make me laugh in fact!

Parks and Recreation: After finding this show on Amazon Prime, I soon became obsessed and now Ron is my absolute food hero. If I need a reason not to eat salad, Ron has provided it with me and if I need to be powerful I just watch Leslie and I am powerful again. 

Luther: Having started this show only recently, I have fall so much in love with Idris Elba’s character, as he has so much depth and interest surrounding him that it makes for great TV. Still four seasons in there is still something mysterious about him and I hope we continue to learn more in the future. 

I am sure I have probably missed a lot of great TV this year off this list lovelies, but for me these were the true stand out ones. What were your stand out TV shows lovelies? Let me know what you were binge-watching all year! 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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