What Am I Reading?

Hey Lovelies, every week I will post what book I am reading and share my thoughts on it!

What Am I Reading?
Who's That Girl? By Mhairi McFarlane

Previous Book
Every Exquisite Thing By Matthew Quick

In one week, I read two different Matthew Quick books. Both were very different, but both will stay with me for a long time. In The Reason You’re Alive, the book tells the story of a Vietnam veteran’s journey to recovery after he has a brain operation that makes him see how much his relationship with his son is affected by outside and inside sources. Along the way you learn what or who troubles the veteran and the redemption that he and others face. The book highlights that no matter what we should all come together in the end, as it can have incredible consequences that lead to a calmer and more wholesome world. The book is one that could cause controversy but that is what makes the character stand out and his outspoken ways seem more intriguing. If the book offends you, then in some ways you are not getting the real message. People are not always as they seem and Quick has captured this in a fragile but perfect way. 

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