The Scariest Children's Films This Halloween With Scooby Doo! Haunted Hollywood


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I am suffering from a really bad cold. In fact, all I want to do is go home and watch Ryan Gosling films until it goes away. However, due to work, I am having to finish off a number of projects. But don’t worry because I have a little spare time to transport you all back to your childhoods with this next post. 

To celebrate the upcoming release of Scooby Doo! Haunted Hollywood on Blu-Ray and DVD, I have been sent a new feature, one I will admit I did not write because I think the writer deserves the credit, looking at the spookiest children’s films. So get ready because you are about to remember all the bad things about them...

Hallowe’en is a special time of the year; when the seasons turn, the clocks go back, but more importantly, when kids dress up to scare sweets out of their neighbours. Get your family in the mood with this list of the best spooky films suitable for little eyes. Embrace the U-certified terror with the release of Scooby-Doo’s Haunted Hollywood, available October 24.

Scooby Doo! Haunted Hollywood (2016): Scooby-Doo and Shaggy are triumphant that they have won a burger-eating contest, and their reward is a tour of the infamous Brickton studios, famed for making horror films. When at the studios, they discover that the latest production is being sabotaged by some ghouls, and it’s their job to help the owner of the studios to enable them to stay in business. 

Casper (1995): Casper the friendly ghost is a lonely soul, sharing a mansion with his three mischievous uncles; Fatso, Stretch and Stinkie. When Kat moves in with her ‘ghost therapist’ father, Casper finds a friend. Only it’s Kat’s Dad’s job to rid the house of Casper and his uncles for the owners who are desperate to sell Whipstaff Manor, but the uncles are intent on subverting that plan. 

Hocus Pocus (1993): The Sanderson sisters suck the life essence from children to keep them looking young, and are hanged back in the 1600s for their crimes. When Max lights the black flame candle, he inadvertently resurrects the sisters who plan to capture the whole town’s children whilst casting a spell over the parents. Can Max, his little sister Dani and his sweetheart save the town? 

Coraline (2009): Coraline’s parents work so hard they’ve forgotten all about their young daughter. When she follows a button-eyed mouse, Coraline discovers a parallel universe where she’s the centre of attention and her ‘other mother’ with button eyes, dotes on her. But why are they trying so hard to keep her in this alternate reality and prevent her from returning home?

E.T the Extra-Terrestrial (1982): Elliott’s parents are divorcing and he and his siblings are not happy. When he discovers a stranded alien, he helps ‘E.T.’ try to return home. The Government and space agencies suspect an alien landing and are searching for Elliott’s new friend. Can Elliott keep E.T. secret until he can help him escape before he is captured and experimented on? 

Return to Oz (1985): In this sequel to the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy has been declared mentally unstable and is undergoing electroshock therapy. When a storm rages, she finds herself transported back to Oz but all is not well. Princess Mombi and the Nome King have seized control, destroying Oz. Can Dorothy and her new friends save the kingdom and return Dorothy home again? 

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005): All is not well in the village in the run up to the annual vegetable-growing contest, as rabbits run amuck, destroying the villager’s attempts to win. Wallace and Gromit are employed by Lady Tottingham to humanely remove the rabbits. When the full moon rises and the vegetables are destroyed, Wallace investigates what is causing the carnage. 

Frankenweenie (2011): When young Victor loses his beloved pet dog Sparky, it is the end of his world. An accomplished student of science, and inspired by his edgy teacher, Victor starts to experiment with ways to return his beloved Sparky to him by bringing him back to life. His dabbles in reanimation brings surprising and monstrous results. Is it wise to resurrect the dead? 

The Addam’s Family (1991): Uncle Fester has been missing for years, and a nefarious lawyer finds a look-a-like to try to infiltrate the family and steal the fortune they’re reported to have. The creepily eccentric but fiercely loyal family Addams are delighted at the return of long-lost Uncle Fester, but all is not adding up as Fester doesn’t appear to be the same as he used to be. 

The Witches (1990): From the imagination of Roald Dahl, the witches live amongst us, with only a few indicators of their witchiness; square, toe-less feet and wigs. Luke discovers that the convention for the prevention of cruelty to children is entirely comprised of witches, who turn him into a mouse. It’s up to him to expose these witches with the help of his worldly aunt Helga. 

Scooby-Doo! Haunted Hollywood is out on Blu-ray and DVD from the 24th October lovelies! 

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