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Good Morning Lovelies,

Growing up I was always told or made to watch comedies that at the time I did not understand or find funny. However, I am thankful that my parents made me do this! Especially when great comedies like Tandoori Nights, Meet The Wife and Sleepers were some of the shows that made me watch.

Today marks the release of these shows on DVD for the first time and I was kindly sent them to watch and review. So sit back, get prepared and fall in love with these classic shows again. Starting with Tandoori Nights...

Released in 1985, the show was an original feature on Channel 4 and followed a curry house owner and his family. Together they make a comfortable profit but their family is troubled with the news that an old employee is opening up a rival restaurant.

The family and the rivalry adds a delicious mix of comedy and heart felt moments that show British comedians at their best. There are a number of recognisable faces and each of them makes sure that audiences are treated when they watch the show. They add a sense of family, friends and intrigue.

There so I am giving the show...

5 Stars

The next show I watched was Sleepers...

Compared to the other show this classic feature is very different. The show follows two Soviet agents after they are lost and the team that is sent into find them. This is definitely not as comical as the other feature but it is thrilling.

Many shows have made stars out of their actors, but this was probably the show that made Nigel Havers and Warren Clarke stand out. The show has a different feel to what we have seen them in before, but it is a clever feature and makes them seem like they are a powerful pair. I am surprised this show is not mentioned more for these actors.

It is down to the actors that this show is so successful and without them, the cat and mouse chase would not work.

This is why I am giving it...

3 Stars

Finally, I watched Meet The Wife...

Because the show arrived a little later than the others I was unable to watch them all lovelies. But have no fear because the episodes I did see were brilliant. One of the first domestic comedies on TV, the script and storyline surrounding the husband and wife is funny and iconic to the audiences who would have watched it then. And audiences watching now. 

There is a sense that this is the show that inspired others to look into the husband and wife dynamic that now plays out in many comedies. They don’t try to stop them from doing anything; they just make them seem real by doing everything possible in each situation.

And that is why I am giving the show…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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