Spend Your Weekend Night's In With A Sainsbury's Curry


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

On Saturday nights our family has takeaways. Always have done and probably always will. However recently my mum has been experimenting with making her own takeaway choices. This has meant that my family have been trying a lot of different flavour chicken, kebabs and now curries. 

However, I have decided it is time to step in. I gave up takeaways a while ago to get healthier but I would never stop my family from enjoying them if that is what they want to eat and I actually really enjoy helping my mum cook. 

But by stepping in I decided to take the weight off her shoulders with some help from Sainsbury’s. And seeing as it is National Curry Week we had to have a curry this week lovelies. Especially when 43% of Brits would most likely be joining us as they prefer ready meal options to takeaways. 

In the UK alone, £30, 331 is spent on curries in a lifetime lovelies. So we popped over to our local Sainsbury’s to pick up our selection. Together we got quite the mix as we decided to get a selection. However, my mum had other plans. 

We were quick to pick up the takeaway curry box, which had a great selection for only £8.50. A lot cheaper than the local curry restaurant to our house. Whilst I was in the store I also had a look at the rest of the selection and there really was something for everyone. From healthier options to family classics, the spice and flavour were popping in the Sainsbury’s aisles. 

The supermarket also has their own selection of sauces and sides that you can cook alongside the items lovelies, so you don’t have to miss out too much if you would prefer to make all of the items. You could also buy the ingredients in store to make them from scratch. 

I do try to cook myself a healthy version every once in a while, but it was lovely to see my family enjoying this treat without having to spend too long or a lot of money on it. It was definitely the perfect way for them to enjoy their Saturday! 

What is your favourite curries lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

This post was sponsored by Sainsbury's.

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