Some Of My Favourite Moments From Warner Bros Iconic DVD Collection


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Friday is in the air and I am ready to parrrrrtyyyyy! Okay so I won’t be doing any Bridesmaids moments in the office, but I am going to be having a bit of fun with you all now lovelies. A few short weeks ago Warner Bros announced that they would be re-releasing some of their classic films with brand new iconic covers and they look incredible.

So to celebrate I have chosen a few to pick exciting, iconic or remember able moments from them that we can all enjoy together lovelies. Just be prepared there are some Gremlins in this post!

Favourite Moment from North by Northwest: How can anyone forget the crop duster scene? It is a stylish, creative and remarkable moment from Hitchcock’s film career and he knew that it was a moment that would stick and stay with audience members forever. 


Favourite Moment from Gremlins: I don’t know if it is a thing in films that cute toys have to drive around in pink Barbie cars, but one of my favourite moments from this film is Gizmo driving to the rescue in his pink car. The cute Gremlin is about to go wild, but the car makes him look not so threatening. 


Favourite Moment from Cool Hand Luke: Paul Newman has managed to work his way into many people’s hearts. From his time in Butch Cassidy to this film, one of the biggest moments he left in the film industry was his stay down scene in Cool Hand Luke. 


Favourite Moment from Casablanca: Anyone who has seen this film knows that the love story is the gem of it, but the most standout moment in it is the ending. The friendship quote will continue to be said for years and years to come and that is what makes it a film icon. 

Favourite Moment from Empire of the Sun: When Christian Bales character sees the plane go right past him, there is a feeling that spreads throughout. It is a happy feeling because he has got to see what he always wanted and it makes you smile. It is an iconic moment in film history that fans turn to often to show how films make us feel something special.

What are your favourite moments from these films lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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