My Review Of The New Salter Kitchen Gift Set Is Here


Good Morning Lovelies,

The second part of my Sunday baking session was more cake and fun filled than before. I love cooking but baking is my passion! It is something I love to do and after kindly being sent the Salter Kitchen Gift Set, I had to make a family treat.

In our house flapjack is there one minute and gone the next when I make it. It is honestly one of the most sort after items in our home and the good thing is that I have had the bug to make it recently. With a little help of Jamie Oliver, a few moments of patience as I got use to the new electric scales, I found that it was easier to see with the Salter set how much I had put in.

Then came the fun part, mixing and melting it all together. I had never thought about seeing how hot the butter was, but I got thinking that by using the temp reader from the set I would know in the future how hot it has to be to get it just right. Again this was really easy to read and I actually had a little bit of fun finding out how hot everything was.

Finally when the mixture was ready and the oats had been measured and added, I placed the ingredients in the dish and set the 25 minutes needed on the Salter timer. This lead to a bit of free time, meaning I could finish season 5 of PLL. Obsessed isn’t the word. I also tidied up the blog’s posts for tomorrow, my house, prepared my workout and wrote another blog post, before the small beeps were announced.

This weekend’s batch of flapjack was another great success and I now have a very exciting new edition to our kitchen to enjoy. It definitely made things easier and I will be using the set again soon to enjoy the treats I will be making for Halloween and Christmas.

If you want to make film night snacks or party treats then definitely pick up a kit lovelies because it does help. It will also make you a winner if you are ready to star in GBBO next season.

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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