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Good Morning Lovelies,

A few weeks ago I was sent some classic BBC dramas to review. As someone who has recently been sat glued to my TV because of the dramas BBC have produced I was ready to spend my time watching, Little Sir Nicholas, The Legend of King Arthur and Prince Regent.

To begin with I got stuck into Prince Regent…

With an all-star cast, the show follows George IV from the beginning of his reign into the downfall and lies that his kingship brought with it. Played by Peter Egan, the prince is one that is not likable, but there is something that makes him stand out.

You can see this character that has something about him that makes him intriguing to watch but you don’t really know what it is. It may be weird to think about a historical figure like this, but when he shares with audiences his wrong doings; you don’t hate him for it.

In fact the BBC have given audience members the chance to pick the side they want when it comes to this royal figure.

And that is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

The next show I watched was The Legend of King Arthur…

For many years the story of King Arthur has been told over and over again, so it comes as no shock that the BBC decided to share the story again. And while it doesn’t have the magic of their recent take on the story of Merlin, the story paves the way for it.

The show is a way of teaching audiences what they could get from learning more about these characters. This was their way of making audiences know that this is what you can expect in a future season, but nowadays there is more to it.

It is a show that allowed the BBC to see that they could do this again in the future, with a bigger budget and that people would still find it an interesting story. Long live King Arthur there so with this…

4 Stars

Finally I watched the show, Little Sir Nicholas…

Having never heard anything about this show or what it was about, I was interested to see the book adaptation. The BBC are always good at changing a book into a film, in the ways that they keep very true to the story or rework something better. After a lot of research I can see this is the case.

The show tells the story of a family rivalry in six parts, as the Tremaine family get lost at sea after their sons are sent off to be in the Navy. After seeking help, the family’s relatives on land try to find them before it is to late.

A story and show that would still interest viewers today, this BBC drama could be aired again and probably still enrapture their audiences attention. You seek to see what happens, if the truth will be told and what the characters have happened to them from start to finish.

It has been made to give you more depth and character. You know more and you are not left expecting anything other than good TV and that is why I am giving it…

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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