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Good Morning Lovelies,

Upon arriving home from work yesterday, I was faced with a big bag full to the brim with popcorn. I had never heard of Pop Works before, but the brand had kindly offered to send me a few items and I was excited to see what they were like.

In my bag, I was gifted three flavours. The first being sweet and salty, an ever growing popular choice, apple pie, a flavour I think is the perfect choice in the run up to winter and sticky toffee pudding, a classic British dessert.

When I opened each packet up I was instantly hit with the smell of their flavours and knew that these were going to be a treat for those who ate the snack. As I knew about the items, I decided it was my taste tester’s turn to get stuck in with the blog post and so I popped open the packets and hid what each one was.

Starting with the sweet and salty, my mum revealed that she found this one strong in flavour but a little bit too boring for her. So we quickly moved on to the apple pie flavour. As soon as I opened the packet I could smell it had apple in it. A promising thing for a sweet treat.

My mum, who hadn’t seen the packet, loved the taste. She was quick to snatch the rest of the bowl out of my hands, although I had to take it back before she got to full and didn’t want to try the last flavour. The sticky toffee pudding one was the flavour I wanted her to try the most.

In our house, it has always been a favourite. I remember eating at school, on Sunday’s after our roast dinners and now it is something that my family consider a proper treat. So when I opened the packet and gave her a few out of it I knew it was going to have to be good.

Sticky was another word for them. They were generously covered and the product smelt amazing. My mum couldn’t stop eating them, more so than the apple pie flavour, and out of all of the samples, this was her favourite. She wanted to know if she could pick more up at the shops this Friday because they were going to be gone by the end of the day.

If you are looking for a more fancy popcorn then this is definitely it lovelies. The flavours are different and I can imagine people’s faces as they stumble across them not expected to find the flavours that they do.

You can find out or pick up the flavour of your choice on Ocado lovelies: https://www.ocado.com/webshop/getCategories.do?tags=20000|160514&dnr=y and have a proper film night this winter!

Blog Soon,

Joey X

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