Frida Farrell Speaks To The Blog About New Film Selling Isobel


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Sorry for the small amount of posts so far today, I kind of got lost in my work, which was going to the university freshers’ fair and having a bit too much fun. I mean honestly who comes away with a new keyboard? Me that is who aha! 

Although lovelies it has already made a difference and I am now able to type faster, easier and quicker, meaning I can share this new interview with the star and creator Frida Farrell about her new film Selling Isobel. Take a look lovelies...

First Off Could You Tell My Readers/Viewers What The Film Is About In Case They Don’t Know?
It's about an ordinary woman, who works as a Pilate’s instructor that gets kidnapped and sold to numerous men over 3 days. And how she has to fight her way out cos no one knows where she is. 

How Did You Find The Cast Of Your Film? And What Was It About Them That Stood Out To You?
We hired a casting director who put together a casting and we chose the best actors. Each actor had to read for their role and was chosen cos they rocked it.  We had a meeting with a guy for the lead, he was kind of a name but not really, he refused to read for the part and therefore was never cast for it.  It doesn't matter what you've done before unless you're Brad Pitt - lol, but we still need to see that this role works for you. And the only way to see that is to have a reading. 

Why Did The Film Move From England To America?
Mainly budget reasons but also I think it would've been too much to shoot it here and too hard for me to separate myself from the role. 

Is There A Scene In The Film That You Are Most Proud Of Or One That Audiences Should Look Out For? Why This One?
I like the angel scene. I think it's my favourite. For many reasons, one being that the girl gets a few minutes break from all the horrendous stuff happening to her. 

How Did Your Previous Film Work Impact What You Did On This Film?
I'm not sure it did. Apart from obviously prepping me as an actor. The more you do the better you get. But I've never done such a heavy role before. 

Congratulations on Having Been Chosen for the Raindance Film Festival! How Did That Feel?
It makes me feel that I'm doing the right thing opening up about this. I was unsure all the way of this was right but winning makes me confident it is. 

Were There Any Other Films At The Festival This Year You Saw?
The Shepard was great. 

Finally, Can You Tell Us About What You Are Working On Next? Or What We Should Look Out For? 
Me and Glynn have 2 films in the pipeline that we want to do now is set in London and one in the US. They are both ready to go. One of them actually took home 3price as a script in a competing in LA.  Just need to get the funding ;)

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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