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Good Morning Lovelies,

A few days ago I was asked if I would like to take part in a new campaign created by Activia. The campaign focuses on helping and inspiring women to find their ‘In Sync’ moments to help reach their full potential.

Working with a number of famous faces including Katherine Jenkins OBE and Victoria Pendleton, Activia believe that women are most in sync when they have a sense of harmony, order and control. This is in contrast to the studies they found with Google and GlobalWebIndex, who found that women stop achieving their goals when their inner critic sets in.

Social psychologist, author and expert of mindfulness, Professor Ellen Langer, comments on the study: ‘Our ‘inner voice’ can move us forward toward success and well-being or it can hold us back, depending on whether it is a ‘mindless inner critic’ or it’s the intentional and mindful noticing’.  When we're mindful, we're able to seize opportunities—positive surprises of all sorts—to which we would otherwise be blind, as well as feel better placed to create and manifest new possibilities as well.’

With their new campaign Activia are hoping to help women show their full potential and strength at home and at work. For me, when I am at home in autumn all warm and cosy I am my most happiest. I find that I can sit and work all day and evening and be so creative when I am relaxed.

I also have In Sync moments at the cinema or at home watching a new film. I know this may seem a bit cliché or like I am just saying this because I have a blog post to write, but I am honestly so calm when I am locked away from the world and placed in another. Some films have a bigger impact. Like I want to come home and write, dance or just tell the world to go and see it. Others make me think about topics or moments in my life and others just make me so mad that I know they will not help me if I see them again.

It may also be a bit early to be saying this but throughout the month of December you will not find me without a smile. I am obsessed with Christmas and can’t find anything wrong with it. I start preparing for it in January (sale time!) and don’t stop until it is Christmas day. I am my most creative with work and personal stuff during this month.

To help you find you’re most In Sync moment’s lovelies, Activia have come up with a great quiz to help you learn more about them and yourself. Have a go: and then share them with others on social media.

Will you take the In Sync quiz lovelies?

Joey X

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