Christmas Comes Early With Cadbury Chocolates


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Some of you may have noticed, taken part in or witnessed someone saying thank you on the 21st September to celebrate World Gratitude Day. During the day I was at work, but when I was asked by Cadbury if I would like to do something special, I stopped everything and took part in a special thank you method. 

Spending the afternoon with Cadbury, singer Lucy Rose, took messages from those on Twitter to say thank you to moms, dads, friends, brothers, sisters and members of the public alongside their sharing and caring boxes of Roses. This special event allowed me to get a special thank you read out to all of you lovelies. Take a look...

You lovelies are some of my favourite people in the world and I think you are all amazing for reading, writing and taking part in things that the blog does. This opportunity allowed me to say the thank you I can’t say enough and I hope you all enjoy it. 

As an added little thank you I wanted to share a little secret with you all. As I write this I am watching the PLL Christmas episodes, as I have reached that point in the series, and enjoying these amazing treats from Cadbury to mark their new Christmas range. 

With so many goodies, I know that these will have to be shared out and enjoyed with everyone in my home and at work, because they are all so great. From the classic editions that never get old to the brand new editions, Cadbury know how to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. 

My home has gone mad since they arrived and I am already planning where I am going to put a few of the items and who I can give them to. As for the added box of Roses, they will be heading to the office for the team to enjoy. 

In our home Cadbury’s is a must at Christmas. In fact it is a must all year around. But at Christmas it is the chocolate of choice and it looks like it is going to be riding high again this year. You can never go wrong with the brand this time of year. 

Thank you lovelies for everything you do and thank you Cadbury for allowing me these extra goodies. They will be in something very special that I will share with you all at the end of November, so look out for more soon lovelies. 

What is your favour Cadbury Christmas chocolate lovelies? 

Joey X

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