Good Morning Lovelies, 

My heart is still safely in love with Dublin. Ireland has cemented itself in my soul and anything to do with the country now makes me feel so happy. Also a tiny bit sad that I am not there. But to help me get through the days until I am back there I decided to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Commitments. 

Originally released in 1991, the film is a story about friendship, music and Dublin. Deciding that the only thing to do is create a band, Jimmy Rabbitte, played by Robert Arkins, gathers only the best of his friends and talent around to create The Commitments. 

However after a few gigs, some incredible cover versions of hit songs and band commitment problems, the songs begin to die out and the fun that once was begins to leave the band one song at a time. 

Showing a real side to Dublin, director Alan Parker shows light and dark moments throughout his film. With an incredibly strong cast, all of which went on to do further great films and TV shows, the acting is on top form and the emotion that is captured seems true right up until the last moment. 

The young Jimmy is someone who wants fame, fortune and a chance to have his moment on TV explaining his work. But life gets on top of him. And it is the same thing for many of the other characters in the film. The songs and music take them away from their realities and only a few of them are able to use it to build their lives up further. 

And when it comes to the ending moments of the film, when the band has had their hardest moments, it is an enlightening thing to see many of them have never given up on their dreams. And that is the real message of the film I believe.

Be transported back in time and relive the magic lovelies, because this film has earned itself…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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