Good Morning Lovelies,

When receiving The Border on DVD I was reading the press release and a stand out quote was from a number of people stating how the UK has received a show that the country may have been afraid to make. If you are like me than hearing that would automatically want to make you want to watch it lovelies.

Aired in the UK on Channel 4, the first season of the crime show follows Captain Rebrow and his team as they are attacked. With Rebrow being the only survivor, the show sees him take on the elements and those wishing to harm him in the hopes of getting home.

Six episodes make up the season and it is easy to fall into a binge watch when viewing them. Every episode has a twist or a turn that you as a viewer will not be expecting and the ever present darkness makes for a thrilling watch.

Seeing the character try to get revenge for the deaths in the show, the episodes become an edge of their seat type experience. The acting is superb and you really feel for the way in which Rebrow is explored on screen because of this.

Those who watch it will definitely be seeking a second season and I am happy to share that this has already been commission. It is the wait now for it that is going to be the unbearable element for viewers.

Overall I am giving the show…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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