Good Morning Lovelies, 

Now as the winter month’s close in I am getting very excited about The Fall, because if there is one I love it is a cop/crime show. I am a big fan of them and I think it stems from my mum, who is also obsessed by them. 

So when I was doing nothing this weekend and the past few previous ones lovelies I got stuck into some good old fashioned crime drama. Starting with McCallum…

With the complete collection being released today, this show is a thrilling piece set in an East End morgue. Following Dr. Iain McCallum, the show features him as he and his team, made up of many recognisable faces, as they try to come to terms with the truth behind some of the bodies in the facility. 

McCallum is an interesting character in the way in which he handles his issues. He seems to be a figure that prefers to hang around with those that are dead than those that are living. However his team are very different and provide a sense of life to the story. 

The show is gripping and the morgue elements makes for even intense viewing that has you wonder what might just be hanging out around the corner. 

That is why I am giving the show…

4 Stars

The next show I watched was Softly Softly Task Force…

Upon opening my post to see the complete season two of the show my mum grabbed them out of my hand. This meant that I had seen the show before and my mum was stealing the box set when I was done with it. 

Following on from the BBC drama Z-Cars, the spin off was one of the most successful ones of all time for the BBC and added a sense of no nonsense when it came to laying down the law. The officers in the show know how to command the screen and were obvious influences for some of the later TV cop dramas including The Bill. 

Having seen a few episodes before I knew exactly what to expect but it was nice to see a great team of actors working hard to get their problems and the cases they have to solve sorted. It is a show that will never lose its cult status. 

This is why I am giving…

4 Stars

Finally I got stuck into Underbelly Series 2…

Having heard about this show before but not actually having been given the chance to see it before, I was quick to say yes to watching it. Set in Australia during the 70s, the show tells the stories of some of the true crime stories of all time. In this season it is the story of Bob Trimbole and Kiwi Terry. 
Two of the biggest people in the crime underworld scene, the two figures are scene dealing drugs, organising crimes across the country and causing problems for many who came into their path. The show captures them at their highest and at their lowest. 

Different to the other two in the way that it shows the other side to the crimes, this show manages to hook you in like The Fall does. You want to find out about the bad guys and you want to see what happens to them. Although unlike The Fall you don’t really like them. 

The show has a very clever stance in the way in which the drama and the problems are real. The crimes have happened and it is shocking to the audience. However sadly the true story should come with a lot more context to make it completely believable. 

There so I am giving the show…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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