Good Morning Lovelies,

When I am not sitting down and pretending to be an adult, you will find me enjoying animated films. Disney being the top of my list if I need to take my mind off something bad. Animations are a little escape from the real world and there so I was overjoyed to review Robinson Crusoe.

Following a group of animals as they encounter Robinson Crusoe, a washed up human/creature on their beach, who decides to join them on their journey. Together the group descends into a chaotic adventure of fun and madness that would bring a smile onto anyone’s face.

It is an innocent story that will make anyone who watches the film happy. It isn’t anything like DreamWorks or Disney features, instead looking like a feature from those who make Wallace and Gromit. Studiocanal have kept a story interesting by sharing a likeness to what audiences know and love.

The story is actually one that will entertain both adults and children. The sarcastic nature of some of the animals and the gullible way of Robinson will make laughter spread across the family because adults will be able to see and understand the jokes the youngsters don’t while the young ones will be able to see how the characters are being silly.

This has led me to give the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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