Good Morning Lovelies,

And how are we all today? I have spent the weekend binge watching TV. Most specifically Narcos season one. After hearing so much about it in the last couple of weeks, running a competition on it and witnessing people get very excited about the prospect of a new season, I was kindly sent the DVD to get stuck.

Telling the story of Pablo Escobar, a figure who was real and became rich through the distribution and sales of Cocaine, the show follows his rise from to the top and the people he meets and interacts with along the way.

Escobar is played by Wagner Moura, an actor who knows how to make his role seem real. His hard work pays off throughout the season and even though you know what Escobar is famous for, Moura makes him likeable. He leads the team of actors and the people he faces throughout each scene and knows what to do to get them to react.

There isn’t a scene that drags and the show is a portrayal that could rival Breaking Bad’s best scenes at times. However this is a real story. The characters are not figures that sympathise easy with those around them and what they are doing and the audience shows a similar theme.

Narcos is a show that could go on and on. It could hook audiences in for a long time and as it continues to grow and show further elements of Escobar’s life it will be sure to get viewers to want to watch further episodes.

Moura is an excellent actor who has paved the way for this and Netflix have created a clever show that stems for audience’s attention, even when they are already hooked and don’t need it.

There so I am giving the show…

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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