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Arrow Films is the company with all the classics and the latest one they have released is Matinee. The film, created by cinematic legends, has cemented itself in the cult classic genre and that looks like it is going to stay in this generation.

With tons of new special features, Matinee has been joined by some great editions to tell its story. Following Lawrence Woolsey, played by John Goodman, the film catches him trying to schedule a sneak preview of his film.

However he is unaware of the threats of the Cuban missile crisis that is threatening the world in 1962 and there so the film goes on a mad chase to see if the screening will go ahead or the plans to end the world.

Goodman shows his talents from an early acting start and it is easy to see from this why so many have praised his continuous work. Goodman makes this film what it is and without him it would definitely lose its spark.

Director Joe Dante has left his mark on the Sci-Fi world by showing his love for other films and he has used his influences to put this one together. There are obvious bonds between films he loves and this one and it is a great site for a Sci-Fi fan.

Overall I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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