Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

And how are we all? I am currently sat watching Gone with the Wind. I don’t know why I have never watched it until now because I am really enjoying it, but I think it was sitting for nearly four hours. However after starting last night, putting it on while working out and now watching it as I type this I am happy to spend my weekend enjoying the film.

Especially when I have an added bonus that I am using to bribe my mum into letting me steal her TV to watch it. Today in the post I received some lovely vouchers to trial the relaunched Magnum Doubles range. With flavours including, Chocolate and Caramel, the brand has now also welcomed the wild Peanut Butter flavour to their selection. 

Ice Creams and TBBT = PERFECTION
Looking very cool in the freezer aisle in their wild animal print packing, the three different ice creams are coated in a chocolate coating, than mixed with another layer made of a rich sauce, before being enclosed in the Magnum special chocolate that is found on all their ice creams. 

When I was asked to trail them (thank you to everyone in the heavens above!) I wasn’t sure what to make of the three flavours, plus I have to be in the mood for ice cream lovelies. So I decided to get my regular taste tester to enjoy them lovelies. This is why I am now allowed to have the TV for nearly four hours to watch a film aha! 

With the slogan, ‘Dare to Go Double’; marking the packaging, I first dared my mum to try the caramel flavour. Probably her favourite out of all of them, my mum really enjoyed having the added rich sauce mixed into the caramel flavour. Plus with the added chocolate crunch she was even more in love with the flavour. 

Moving on, I decided to let her try the chocolate one next. When she normally buys Magnum’s, my mum always seems to go for the plainer flavours as she enjoys them the best. After a bit of a debate, my mum tried the chocolate one and was quick to say that with so much chocolate it was really nice to have the rich sauce again to level the flavours out this time. If she was to buy them again she was quick to say that this may not be the flavour she would choose, because the double caramel one has won her heart over so far. 

Finally it was time to try the newest flavour to the Magnum Double family: Peanut Butter. My mum is the first person to admit that she does not like peanut butter. I know she is a weirdo. So I decided it was time to get my dad involved. He is one of those people who will happily anything sweet. Even though he probably shouldn’t. Upon trying the flavour he was happy to find that it had a very strong taste of peanut and thought the caramel mixture worked well with the product. 

Overall the flavours were a success in our house. My dad has found his double in the peanut butter flavour while my mum is holding on tight to the chocolate one. I am sure I will be seeing their animal sides soon when there is only one left in the box aha! 

Have you tried the new double flavours? What did you think of them? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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