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Sadly this year saw the passing of a great up and coming actor, Anton Yelchin. With a way of commanding the screen and making sure you remember his characters; he was someone who was going to go very far.

His role in the 2016 indie film, Green Room, is one that will always be remembered. Created by director Jeremy Saulnier, the film is one that will go down in thriller history. With superb acting and with gripping plot lines it hooks you in right up until the end.

Capturing a band on tour, the film sees the aftermath each member faces after they witness a murder ordered by Pat, a neo-Nazi and his henchmen. Holding them hostage in the green room they are in while touring one night, the film becomes an intense cat and mouse piece but all confined to one room.

Yelchin’s talents are joined by further incredible acting from Patrick Stewart, who plays the evil figure of Pat and Imogen Poots, who plays Amber, a young girl who witnesses her friend be stabbed to death. Each character holds the audience captivated throughout their scenes and you want to know what is going to happen to them.

Even if you love or hate them you need to know who is going to make it out of the room alive. To me it is a film that seems like one of those rooms you see at the pier or where you have to find the clues, but with this it is a lot more intense and of course violent.

Stewart and Yelchin know what is expected of them and they bring it. They have made, along with the director, an eye catching, attention grabbing and thrilling film that has renewed the genre in a refreshing way.

And that is why I am giving the film…

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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