Good Morning Lovelies,

With Halloween fast approaching and my love of horror films growing, I spent one Tuesday morning a few weeks ago watching Friend Request. And let’s just say it was eventful.

The film tells the story of one woman who is sent a friend request by one of the women in her class. Thinking nothing of it she accepts. However it soon becomes a cat and mouse game when things take a dark turn and her friends soon become the target.

Cleverly created in the age of social media (and when I am just about to start a job in it), the film shows the dark sides of the web. But I don’t think it will scare or horrify its intended audience as much as the director may have hoped.

Familiar faces star in the film, but their acting is average as the story becomes a basic plot of what can we do next in the social media genre. Touching on Facebook mostly, the film doesn’t show use social media to the best of its intentions and the cast could have brought this to light.

In fact I think with more social media aspects there could have been even more scares. I mean the characters look tired, a bit like Kruger’s victims, but there is no explanation for this. I actually believe that the script lacks here because when they are asleep they are actually pretty safe. Every students dream.

You see mostly every jump scare coming your way and there is no way to not guess who and when the next targets will be chosen. The film has tried to blend methods and scenes from other horror films but it fails to make anything from them that is fresh.

There so I am giving it…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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