Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

This week I have been falling in love with all the new and returning TV shows that have been captivating our screens. However with lots of films and TV shows to review I don’t always have time to watch them all at once. 

So with the help of my Amazon Prime I have luckily been able to get up to speed. And now kindly Amazon have given me an Amazon Fire Stick that has allowed me to move my must watch shows around my house with me. 

I have watched films and TV shows in the bath, bed, living room and even on journeys these past few years that I have had Amazon Fire, but now with a stick I can use it even more and to get all the shows and items that I miss. I am even picturing it coming on holiday with me somewhere abroad if it would work. 

The Amazon Fire Stick is a very versatile item and I like the fact that it doesn’t take us much room. At the moment my stick is plugged into the side of my TV lovelies, because my Blu-Ray player is in the HDMI slot at the back, but I can’t see it. To me that is perfect because I can’t stand seeing to many cables everywhere. 

As well as this the stick is great at providing other content. Not only do I get Amazon Prime Video, but I can also watch Netflix, BBC IPlayer, Youtube, ITV Player, 4OD and lots more lovelies. If you can’t get a TV with all the channels but you have Wi-Fi it becomes a very perfect piece. 

I now feel that when I go places I will be adding this to the long list of electronics that are included in my packing. I can’t go anywhere without some films and TV shows and this would ease the load of having so many cases with me. 

The only downside I have with the product is that you need a very strong internet connection for it. Unlike on the computer if the internet connection doesn’t like it then it won’t help it. This means that you can get a little annoyed at reloading it all the time. But so far I haven’t had too much of this to deal with and it was a rainy day when it happened. 

Overall I think the product is a great idea for a gift. For someone in your home, so you can sneakily use it as well, or for someone else in your life it is the tech gift that just keeps on giving. And what more could you want than that lovelies.

Look out for more on the product in the next few months lovelies. I have a very sneaky piece coming up for you all and I can only thank Amazon for this little addition to it. Thanks lovelies!

Best Soon, 
Joey X

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