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Today’s Monday reviews come with a side of history. Metrodome have released the brilliant, Camino, on DVD taking a look at a photographer’s career and the heart ache and love that goes into her images.

Based in 1985, the photographer Avery Taggert has worked hard to make her name known with her images of war. However when she goes on one of her most dangerous missions yet, she is faced with the most dangerous group ever.

Not allowing her to get put off, the film sees her filming get her into serious trouble when she catches the group doing a vile act on camera. The film becomes tense and features some of the most horrific moments after this as the photographer tries to survive the jungle.

The film is a chance for many audience members to see how hard the conditions are in which some photographers work in to get news spread around the country. People are risking their lives to show us what is happening and this is seen first-hand in this film.

While the film is very real and very impactful, it does however have elements that make it drag. The action takes a while and the idea of what is going to happen is dragged out. You are also sometimes found screaming at the screen in wonder and amazement at how real some of the things are.

There so I am giving the film…

3 Stars

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Joey X

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