Good Morning Lovelies,

A few years ago I was sent the second season of Arrow. Now as we reach the day of release for season four I have fallen even more in love with the DC world. For me in fact DC is thriving on TV and hopefully that will soon be reflected onto the big screen.

Following on from the previous season, the show meets Oliver Queen or Arrow if you prefer, as he tries to life a new life with his love Felicity Smoak. However nothing is quite that simple in the superhero world and Oliver is soon forced to go back to the city again and save it from the evil H.I.V.E organisation.

I will admit now lovelies that I have not watched all the episodes as of yet, however I wanted to review it because the release date has passed. Automatically the opening five episodes are already showcasing a promising amount of talent coming from Stephen Amell. Taking on the DC figure again, Amell gets to show everyone the figure we have all been waiting for with a new storyline and fun new action packed elements.

Alongside him the rest of the cast show their power at adding to their characters storylines and make sure that they are not left behind by Arrow. Each character is already building up a plot and their needs from the superhero, including the villains, to make sure that he is continually tested.

Out of all the seasons this one is the one that have hooked me in the most from the get go. I believe that the fourth seasons are the ones that make a show. I don't know why but I have this feeling that when it gets to around this time you know what you are getting with a show and Arrow is showing this is true again.

While I have a lot of episodes to go, the show is definitely proving that its power is not going anywhere and there so I am giving season four of Arrow...

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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