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To mark the upcoming release of The Night Of... on Sky Box Sets, I thought we would celebrate by looking back at some of the greatest shows that have looked into memory loss and the consequences it has for the characters.

All the below shows have left a mark on the world for all the right reasons and it looks like The Night Of will to…

The Hangover: Probably the funniest case of memory loss ever seen on screen, The Hangover sees three men try to find their best friend before his wedding. As time begins to run out, marriages seem to end and teeth get pulled out the film follows their every mishap and makes cinematic comedy gold. 

Memento: Nolan’s Memento is a film that will stand the test of time. With a nonlinear narrative, black and white colouring and a storyline that will keep you guessing right up until the end, the photographic film will have you wanting to know what happened to the character all the way through. 

Blindspot: When a woman turns up naked, tattooed and in a bag in the middle of New York her memory loss symptoms cause the show to take a very dark turn. Viewers are hooked from the get go and the character becomes more and more interesting as the series goes along. 

50 First Dates: Starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, 50 First Dates is a film that will stand the test of time. A romantic comedy with a difference, Sandler’s character finds himself having to remind the girl he loves why they know each over every day after a terrible accident. A true love story. 

The Night Of…: The latest series to join Sky Box Sets follows a man as he tries to piece back together the night before. After parting with a young woman he finds her dead the next day and has no recollection of how it happened. Putting all the missing elements together during the course of the eight part series, this is going to be an epic watch lovelies. 

Catch the show when it is released on to Sky Box Sets from the 1st September lovelies! 

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