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After a long time, Katie Holmes is back in her latest film, Touched with Fire, starring alongside Luke Kirby, as the pair tell an interest story about a pairs struggle with bipolar disorder. The film is a mixture of love and pain which sees Holmes return on top form.

Following Holmes and Kirby’s characters, the film sees them as they meet in a treatment facility before embarking on a relationship together that causes them to make rash judgements about their love and their illnesses.

Holmes is great at adding emotion in certain scenes while Kirby seems to really be in love with her. However it is the ultimate story that makes this film stand out. It is a great chance to see that they haven’t lost the skills that they have always had.

It is a great chance for them to make the film a stand out one and the issue they tackle is done with dignity and gentleness. However it is not done in a way that makes it fresh and sometimes the story line can become a little bit unreal which is why this film is lowered in the audiences estimations.

Overall however the film is a story of two people and two actors taking on something that many would be afraid to do so with. That is why I am giving the film…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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