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A few years ago London was faced with a number of riots. The riots were said to have started by the protest held by Mark Duggan’s family. However that was not the case at all and the family were asking for peace as they battled the case for their relative. 

Stepping inside the world of Duggan and his family members, the film, The Hard Stop, shows how his family are coping and the impact his death has left on his two best friends, who are the main figures in the film. The documentary is insightful and shows a lot of the truth as to what happened before and after the riots and the thoughts, fights and discussion those who knew Duggan still have. 

The film presents Duggan throughout in different features with stories from his family and friends. It doesn’t pick a side but what is being told is an interesting caption of what happens to a family when the worst happens and what they have to deal with now. 

If you were like me and only knew the basics this documentary will explore it further. It will show you some of the ins and outs and it shows them in a very real way. How it seems to the audience those is only determined by how you take the information that is often chilling, sad and gripping. 

That is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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