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We have sadly come to the last of my Dublin posts. It is actually making me very sad to write this final post because it reminds me of the end of my holiday. I have never experienced the emotions I did when leaving Dublin before. I am still desperate to live there, so watch this space! 

The Amazing Temple Bar 

For now though let me tell you about everything that happened on the final day of our trip. With a whole day ahead of us before we had to catch the coach and ferry home, we decided to spend the morning in our apartment before heading into the city centre to do a last little bit of exploring. 

After working out, eating breakfast, showering, packing and checking that we had got everything together in which we brought with us, we headed back to hand in our keys. The Key Collection are brilliant in that even when you have checked out at 12pm you can still leave your luggage safely with them so you don’t have to take it around with you for the rest of the day. 

With the items safely stored away it meant we could look around with ease. Starting with the Chester Beatty Library/Museum, which is right next to Dublin Castle. The library was part of our Dublin Pass guide and we didn’t want to miss out on something that was so close to our apartment. It is based in one of the rooms of the castle amongst some beautiful landscapes and I would definitely recommend that any lovers of books take a look around. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our visit to it. 

Inside Temple Bar = Amazing

We didn’t stay long at the library as we wanted to pack a load into the day. The next stop being O’Connell Street, where we decided to do a spot of shopping. I had seen lots of people walking around with Carrolls Irish Gifts bags and I knew that the Dublin jumper I wanted would probably be found in one of those shops. After trying on lots and lots of different colours, been told by my mum I wear a lot of black and then nearly having a moment where everyone could have seen my bra, I found a perfect grey one. It has been too warm to wear it at the moment, but as soon as winter arrives that bad boy is being worn all the time. And the Guinness socks that I had to buy as well. 

Having killed a few hours looking around certain shops we had missed during the week, we stumbled upon the GPO Witness History Museum. The museum is part of the old post office, which still runs and looks the same as it did before. With old fashion tills, stands and barriers between customer and worker, the post office was incredible. I felt so fancy and I enjoyed looking at the beauty of the building. 

In the basement of the building there is a museum that takes you through an interactive tour of the Easter Rising 1916. It is the 100th anniversary of the rising and there so the museum was pretty full. However with our passes we were able to fast pass into the museum and not have to wait the hour waiting time to get in. It was a little cosy though I will admit. 

The Quote Of The Week Now In Our Kitchen

After picking up little facts throughout our trip about the rising, it was nice to end the trip learning about it all in a lot more detail. I like museums that allow you to get involved because I am a visual learner and there so this is where I will remember a lot of things. The museum has quizzes throughout, dressing up stations and old artefacts that you can touch and pretend to use. A great place to experience an important part of Dublin’s history. However after all the fun we had there I was starving. I mean hangry was a close call hungry. 

Although the day before had been my birthday, I had asked my mum if it would be okay to eat out on the last night as part of a final meal celebration. She happily agreed and so we wanted to find a place we wouldn’t normally go to. Right across the Ha’Penny Bridge there was a restaurant called The Italian Corner

As soon as I looked at the menu I knew this was the place. The Italian side of me was saying this was the place to go and who I am I to deny it? It didn’t take me long to seek out the gluten free butternut squash risotto made in basil oil. If there is anything I can find on a menu it is butternut squash. My mum was also quick to find the steak meal that came with chips, onion rings and salad lovelies. 

The wait wasn’t long and I could smell my food as soon as it was being brought out to me. I think my stomach and eyes were not working together when it was placed down. The food was so hot but I couldn’t wait to tuck in so I ended up with a very burnt inside I think. However it was worth every bit of pain. 

I have never enjoyed a meal as much as I did that lovelies. It was so good I think I still dream about it now in fact. Picking the restaurant was done on a bit of a whim but I am glad it was because it allowed us to enjoy something we never would have. 

Sadly though the meal marked the end of our holiday. After going back to The Key Collection and picking up our cases, we walked through the town with what I can only imagine as the worst faces in the world to pick up our coach. I didn’t want to go. I had to be forced onto the coach by my mum who literally ripped my suitcase out of my hand and told me to get on the coach. There was not really a bone on my body that wanted to come home – other than the bone that missed London.

Dublin to me was a real eye opener. While it may not have been far it was a place I was always dying to see. It was beautiful, fun and for most of it an easy to find everything trip. Temple Bar will forever be the place I stayed when I went to Dublin and I will never forget walking into it and hearing the bands each day. 

Apart from getting lost a few times there was nothing bad that happened. There was always something to do and there was always lovely people around to help us. I will never forget Ireland and I will miss it until I go back. I hope you all enjoyed these posts. I now feel like I have a memory box full of what we did to come back and read and look at. 

Do let me know if you are going to Ireland or if you did any of the things I did during the week as I would love to hear what you thought of them! 

Joey X

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