Good Morning Lovelies,

Releasing another horror film for everyone to enjoy, Arrow Films have brought a classic Italian feature film called The Bloodstained Butterfly that will worry and scare the socks off many. It is very much a show that works well with the features we are watching every day. 

Telling the story of a murder that takes place, the film flicks between the consequences of the night and the court room scenes that make up the story. It has been scripted and developed to make you want to watch up until the end because each person has a story to tell. 

Each character and figure has something to say or something to explain. If you were to leave it and not carry on watching you would never know the truth. This makes it so watchable. For a film that probably many will not have heard of it is one many should be watching. It is a cross between Broadchurch and Scandal. A weird but wonderful mix. 

Featuring faces many will recognise from the 70s era, the time in which the film was made, stars such as Helmut Berger and Evelyn Stewart help to progress the film further with their talents. Both aren’t afraid to give their all in their performances to make their characters the remember able ones. 

This is why I am giving the film…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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