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And how are we all on this sunny day? Well I hope! I am going to bring a little bit of darkness, with a huge hint of brightness as well, into your lives lovelies now. Yesterday I went to see Suicide Squad. After a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure if I should go or just wait and watch it at home, after a lot of critics panning it and not hearing much about it after that, I went and I LOVED it. 

This isn’t a review post it is just a bit of a random thoughts post about what I think of it. From the moment the film started I kind of had a feeling I was going to enjoy it. I was excited to watch it. I could feel the adrenaline flowing through my body and I knew it was going to be the perfect pick me up. 

Introducing the characters from the get go, I loved that they were showing us that the people who were going to make the most impact in the film were the ones we knew well. Harley Quinn is now a villain we all love and Margot Robbie has made a character that is on another level. I actually have to stop myself saying I want to be her, as she is a villain. Oh who I am I kidding I want to be her! And I want to know Jared Leto’s Joker. 

Unlike Heath Ledger, Leto has made a new figure out of the Joker. The pair hasn’t been placed against each other to prove who the better Joker is. In fact Leto’s Joker figure is very different. With a laugh that will go down in film history he is a dark figure with a lot of fun. It would have been brilliant to have seen more of him but with a Harley Quinn film and a sequel lined up, I am sure we will be seeing that lovely evil face again. 

Other stand out performances that stood out had to be Will Smith’s Deadshot and Cara Delevingne’s The Enchantress. Smith is always an actor who knows how to lead the screen. He is a likable man in real life and that makes his characters on screen shine. Delevingne has presented a character in a way that lets her acting talents shine. At times I will admit that when the story went a little bit OTT near to the end, you could get annoyed with her character, but it does nothing to deflect her talents from being shown. 

Speaking of the story I have to say that for a DC story it is the strongest one they have had in a while. After and I am sorry to say this nearly being bored to tears by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I liked the fun nature of this film. DC have a very dark nature over there films that sometimes never lets up, even in the light hearted moments, and this film proved that sometimes by doing that you can win over the viewers.  It is strong in the themes and the continuation of a story. 

When watching Batman V Superman, I was completely overwhelmed by the way that the story had no plot to it. I could have walked out and gone to the toilet and been fine coming back. In this you have to stay just to catch all the fun moments. Each character is off doing their own thing even when they are together and that is what makes the story interesting. The back stories don’t drag into the plot and take over. They are placed in a way that makes you want to see them to find out a little bit more each time. You don’t get to a point where you wish that they would just stop. 

It does have its faults. There are moments where you wish more characters were explained or if some of the group’s members could have had their stories told further, because they all stand out as interesting figures. As well it would be nice to have had a further explanation as to how they are going to play into further films in the DC franchise, because that was not explained one little bit. 

My true love for this film though came from the soundtrack. As many fo you know I adore a good film soundtrack and this one has just that. There are so many songs that match the characters moods, scenes and experiences and they add to the adrenaline that you get from watching it. I can see Harley Quinn dancing to them, Deadshot becoming the group leader and the team taking down their enemies to a different song. Each one that makes you want to get up and dance. Although please don’t get up and do what they do to each song. 

Overall though I think critics were too fast to judge this film. I am a critic and I know I can be harsh at times and it all comes down to personality but I honestly think the film is a bit of fun this summer. It is brighter and more joyful, which is weird when you think of the people in it, but it is. There is something about the squad that makes them put adrenaline in your bones, sit forward in your seats and not want to move (unless dancing) for a few hours. There so I think Suicide Squad is not a villain at the box office and actually a real winner this summer! 

What do you think of the film lovelies? 

Blog Soon, 
Harley Quinn/Joey X

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