Good Morning Lovelies, 

I am a fan of all things Irish. I am currently in the process of looking at moving out there. So when I was sent a film by John Carney, the man who made me fall in love with Once, I was instantly prepared to sit down in front of the TV and embrace it. 

The film is a musical set in 80s Dublin following a teenage boy and his friends as they try to impress the girl who sits outside their school waiting for her super cool boyfriend to appear. Conor, the teenage boy is a likable but naïve figure who just wants to be happy in a world where his family are fighting and his school life is changing. 

There is only one person he feels he can turn to and that is his brother and Raphina who stars in the music videos his band makes. Starting out as a tribute band to some of the greatest 80s bands, the film shows them progress into the musicians they want to be. 

While it is a light hearted and enjoyable film, Carney has created a bit of a slow burner with this one. When the songs are on and the fun is happening on screen there is a great interest for the audience members, but when the songs disappear it is a slow burner. There are moments that could be cut out such as some conversations with his brother or friends. Yet they don’t take away anything from the music. 

It is a film that brings joy from its soundtrack. You can see the influences that have been placed on the young band and the way the sounds of the 80s have influenced their style. To make a soundtrack with original songs on it that still make you want to get up and dance because they sound so much like the 80s classics is a great achievement, especially when so many bands are trying to do so nowadays and failing. 

The cast is likable. There isn’t a figure in which you hate. Even the evil priests and teachers, who the band uses as their influences in the end. Carney has made a film where there is meant to be no disappointment, just moments from the heart that all audience members can enjoy. 

This has led me to give the film this singing…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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