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With its 30th anniversary coming up, Sid & Nancy is still one of the most rock and roll films to have ever been made. Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb play the figures with madness, love and dark undertones that people still remember well. 

The film is a representation of one of the most famous punk love stories around and the consequences that led to disaster. The Sex Pistols still to this day know how to cause a scene and with a film like this it definitely tells a story of what people wanted to know and has incredible acting talents within it to do so. 

Oldman plays Sid Vicious, the bass guitarist for The Sex Pistols, as he falls for groupie Nancy, played by Webb, who has come to England to be with him. However as Sid falls deeper into his drug taking there is an added strain amongst the band members adding pressure to the pairs relationship and the dynamic of the group. 

The story is one that many people know and will continue to hear about in music history. It is a story that still chills many and shows the side effects of what sex, drugs and rock n roll can do to people. Oldman and Webb have shared with many audiences a love story that is so wrong but so right at times. 

Add in the classic lyrics, original songs and the way, in which the music adds a spice of life for the actors on screen, it explores a breakdown like no other. It is the breakdown of a couple, a band and all together a great moment for rock n roll. 

As the cult status surrounding the film continues to grow every day, the film is sure to continue to celebrate its anniversary for years and years to come. It has earned this rating for all the right reasons and will continue to earn ratings like this for a long time. 

So without further ado I give Sid & Nancy…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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