Good Morning Lovelies,

Fright Fest films are becoming a regular viewing in my home. After witnessing a number of previous releases, it was time to sit down and watch the latest release Rabid Dogs. A film I didn’t know much about and wasn’t really sure what to expect from.

The film is a thrilling horror that sees a group of robbers trying to rob a bank and having a number of problems arise. It is an intense journey that sees the act goes from evil to even more villainous as the gang take hold of a number of hostages to try and save themselves from being arrested.

Rabid Dogs makes for hard viewing but for horror fans it is a warm welcome. It is something that many will have been looking for in a world that does a lot of the same things. Don’t ask to take the film easily because believe me you will not be able to.

There are moments you wish to turn the screen off, especially when they get very gory but overall there is a sense that the film is a gripping and fresh thriller. A great choice for any horror fan.

This is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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