Good Morning Lovelies,

I have to admit something now lovelies. I never thought I would be reviewing a film called Microwave Massacre but the time has come for me to do so. With a mixture of comedy and gore, the film is a unique twist on the horror genre.

The film sees a spread being put on, featuring the people at the dinner table. It is a foodies worse nightmare lovelies. It is a dark and I mean dark film that sees a man kill his wife after he is upset by the food in which he is eating.

It is a film that has been made to shock. And disturb its viewers. There is nothing that the filmmaker wasn't willing to do and it makes for thrilling viewing as you can't turn away from the screen.

There are many moments in the film though that are uncomfortable for the viewer. Moments that do make you look away. In fact the whole film is uncomfortable but there is a sense of stomach churning moments with the way in which the characters speak to one another and the motions in which the film takes to deliver the biggest gore fest possible.

With all this in mind I am giving the film...

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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