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A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to review three classic and new TV series that would be making their way onto DVD for the first time ever. There was a classic cop drama, a love series with many a dark twists and a political story that could have rivalled many that are seen on TV today. 

I was quick to get stuck in and thankfully they were all very interesting and gripping. When going through the three series to begin with, I decided to start with Liverpool 1…

Aired before I was born, Liverpool 1 was the starting point for many famous British actors of the small and big screen. Starring the likes of Samantha Womack, Scot Williams and Mark Womack, the show was aired in the 90s and made for a gripping police series that more than likely encouraged other great British cop dramas we see today. 

Both Womack’s and Williams, have a way of showing honesty on screen in the situations they are faced in. Situations that are admittedly not going to thrill everyone when there are BBC dramas such as Luther and The Fall to contend with now. 

However the show is a great reminder of the work in which the 90s did in cementing cop dramas as a great base for TV viewers. The show is an obvious starting point for many new scriptwriters with their TV dramas. 

And there so I am giving it…

3 Stars

After this I watched the show Empresses in the Palace…

Since it first aired in Asia, the show has become one of the most successful TV dramas of all time and with a great female cast it is easy to see why. As soon as viewers begin the series you are thrown into the deep end of the story. 

A story that sees an innocent 17-year-old having to face the backlash of a world in which she though was going to be a dream. After a few episodes the show really begins to get good. It is a slow burner to begin with I must admit. 

The story isn’t a gripping one but when the other characters get involved with telling it you automatically know that something good will come at the end of the series and that is what makes it gripping. 

There so I am giving the show…

3 Stars

Finally I watched the political British series, The Ambassador…

With a great British cast including Paulin Collins OBE and Denis Lawson taking the reins in this TV series, it is easy to see that many upcoming and continuing political dramas have been made with this in mind. 

As two countries mix together to tell the story of the politics in this TV show, there is no denying that the creators of it have done their homework on it. They have made sure that the show has a great number of people who know their stuff and can lead the team. 

However it all comes down to the acting in this show that makes it so successful. It is nothing like the characters and the people in the shows we see today. This show is the show that showed them how to do it and why they need to share their talents with the world. 

And that is why I am giving it…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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