Good Morning Lovelies, 

I have just had a nightmare experience! A money spider was running around my glasses and I didn’t know until it fell down my face and I wiped it away. Now I have no clue where it has gone and I am not happy. It is like my own horror film is taking right now. 

And speaking of which I have some news about Warner Bros latest horror adventure, Lights Out, as the company have conducted some very interesting research into how afraid men really are of the dark. 

After years of people thinking women are more frightened, it turns out 42% of British males under 30 are scared of the dark, with more of them likely to sleep with a light on. This increased when 73% of men admitted to feeling scared or nervous when it is pitch black leading to men being three times more likely to scream from a bump in the night than women. 

The study also went on to reveal that men are more like to scared to check if something is in their home and believe that their partner is more likely to check if a burglar is in their home. 

Speaking about the new research, Psychologist Dr Becky Spellman said, “As young men's phobia of the dark kicks in when night falls, it may appear that the terror begins when the lights go out. In reality, the fear is actually due to danger being higher at night, which relates to the adrenaline of men feeling pressured to protect themselves and loved ones during this time. Young men are particularly fearful as subconsciously, their confidence of being able to defend themselves is usually lower than older males, due to a lack of experience of successfully fighting off threats.”

However as men get older they apparently become less afraid of the dark. An interesting outcome lovelies. 

Are you afraid of the dark? 

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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