Good Morning Lovelies,

To celebrate summer lovelies, the time when the drinks flow and the BBQ’s come out, I was tasked with recreating one of the new recipes created by Jimmy Doherty along with AB InBev, to mark the opening of Barley Beerstro.

Each recipe has been made to celebrate beer and barley together, with each recipe have been created to work with the most popular beers in the UK and around the world. With barley in each recipe, the super grain is showing its talents at being very health beneficial.

So as a bit of a health lover I decided to have a go at one of the recipes. The Budweiser Barley Summer Vegetable Risotto. I will admit now lovelies that I am a baker and now a cook and also that our house is a bit of a weird one with food.  We are a bit of a fussy bunch. Apart from my mum.

This meant I decided to make this recipe with her in mind, with only a few changes such as taking out the spring onions and leeks because she isn’t a big fan and replacing them with red onion and carrot. This did make my risotto a lot darker in colour but the taste was still great.

After a near miss at getting myself and the food burnt, I was underway with the recipe and found it very simple. While it takes 40 to 50 minutes to cook the barley in the stock and vegetables, it was really simple to control and I even went and did a few blog posts while cooking it. I did have to top up the stock a few times to make sure it didn’t dry out but overall the cooking time was simple.

My house really smelt of beer and barley at this point. However I didn’t mind. I am one of those people that like the smell of beer being made. Honestly you should have seen me when we went into the room full of scents at the Guinness Factory.

Once the barley was cooked and most of the liquid was soaked in, I added in the peas and broad beans, leaving out the asparagus as my mum isn’t a fan, and allowed for them all to cook together for a few moments. After about five minutes I pulled the risotto off the hob and added in two different cheeses and a hint of mint. 

The recipe was really simple and I was pleased with the outcome. Even if it wasn’t the colour it was supposed to be. And my mum, who normally avoids my cooking, really enjoyed it. She saved the dish to have as a summer meal in our garden. Although I did see her keep taking spoonful’s throughout the day, which may have been why she slept so well because if she has any alcohol she is gone aha!

If you want to try this recipe pop into the beerstro while it is still open or have a look online for all the recipes.

What is your favourite beer to have in the summer?

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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