Good Morning Lovelies, 

A little while ago I received a parcel. Well a black box in fact. I will admit now lovelies that I didn’t have a breakdown like Brad Pitt in Seven about what was in it but I was pretty excited to find out what had kindly been sent to me. 

With a brand new campaign having been started to find the new Doritos flavour, the box included the two new flavours, Spicy Salsa and Ultimate Cheeseburger, for me to test and decide which flavour I think should stay. 

Known as A and B, the flavours are all part of a big competition in which Doritos are asking their faithful customers to pick the one they think should stay and which one should be eliminated by using the hashtags, #DoritosA or #DoritosB, on Twitter which will see a flavour be destroyed. 

Doritos are also asking voters to decide how to get rid of the flavour they dislike and the best idea will see their idea be turned into an animation before being handed £20,000 price money. So I just had to get involved and find out which one was worth buying and which one wasn’t. 

After emptying the box, I opened each packet and asked three family members who didn’t know much about the flavours other than what they are to try them. This included the regular taste tester, my mum and two new editions including my auntie Caroline and cousin Georgi, who were happy to take part in the test. 

The first one we tried was Doritos A which was the Spicy Salsa flavour. My auntie was the first one to try them and instantly shouted about how much she liked them. She referred to them as the perfect comfort food. Next up was my cousin who said that they tasted just like you had dipped them into salsa. And finally my mother tried the crisps and found that they would be great with a sour cream and chive dip. It was safe to say that the flavour was a winner in our home. 

However they still had Doritos B to try which was the Ultimate Cheeseburger flavour. As my auntie is a vegetarian she wasn’t up for this flavour, but my mum and cousin were happy to try them. Georgi was as happy with this flavour and she said they left a weird taste in her mouth, while my mum instantly went “no these have to go.” Their faces in fact were actually a picture that I wish I could have taken and kept for ever with this flavour. 

With the decision made we started to come up with ways in which we thought the product should be destroyed. They have gone from mad too bad too extremely perfect. I won’t spoil it though lovelies aha! 

Which flavour will you choose lovelies? Don’t forget to vote and take part on Twitter! 

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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