Good Evening Lovelies, 

Bit of a different welcome to the normal posts but this may be a long post so I wasn’t sure when I was going to post it. Over the past two months a lot of things have happened. I have been on two trips, finished university completely, turned 21 and binge-watching TV shows has become something I may add to my CV. 

I realise I did post a favourites post last month but I wanted to put the two together because a lot of items mixed together. So let’s go back in time and look at my favourites from June and July…

Travelling: The first thing on my list has to be the little trips I have taken. At the start of June I took a trip to Blackpool to visit my brother and it was the first time ever I have travelled alone. Taking the coach prepared me for the long journey to Ireland which now owns my heart and soul. You can catch up on all the news on the blog from the trip. 

Dublin's Temple Bar

Turning 21: Whilst in Ireland I turned 21. On the 14th July I was obviously an adult to many, but to me age is just a number. 21 just marks another celebration of making it through the year and a chance to see all the animals at Dublin Zoo. Plus I got some pretty epic birthday balloons for it. 

You Are Never To Old For A Page

Graduating: On Friday I did it lovelies. I became a first class graduate in BA (Hons) Journalism. I didn’t realise how emotional the day was and hearing my family speaking about it made me quite sad. I met some of the greatest people in my life at that university and I will never forget the experience.

Proudest Moment Of My Life 

Pretty Little Liars: After finishing Scandal I was a little lost. I didn’t have anything to watch or nowhere to start. Yet Warner Bros saved the day and sent me Pretty Little Liars to try out. I am now a fan. A massive fan. As I write this post I have just ordered off Amazon the whole box set, so if I go missing for a while that is where I have gone. 

My Latest Binge Watches

Ghostbusters: For me this film is everything I could have hoped for and more. I was always angered by the way people treated this film and it now makes me so happy that it has proven everyone wrong by being an epic film. Girl power!  

Go On Girls!

How To Be A Parisian: I wasn’t sure what I was going to think of this book but having finished it this morning I am a fan. After seeing it everywhere I wanted to pick it up and see what everyone was reading and it is really funny lovelies. 

I Now Know Everything

Summer: For me this is one of my favourite times of the year. I love walking past a beer garden and seeing everyone enjoying a drink and a chit chat. I have begun doing little things I normally wouldn’t and that includes going fruit picking for the first time. It has taken 21 years for me to do it but I have done it twice in July now and I will be doing it again before summer is out. 

Raspberry Picking = Lots Of Eating

Guys and Dolls: Before I went away I wanted to celebrate my birthday with my three best friends, Issy, Tessa and Amy. With the added bonus of Rebel Wilson, the show is a bubbling beauty of a film and I was amazed by the whole thing. It was the perfect treat to start the week of celebrations off. 

I Am So In Love With Rebel

Romeo and Juliet: I have been going to the theatre a bit more recently because there is so much happening on the West End stages. Normally I would avoid Shakespeare because I am not a massive fan. But when I heard Richard Madden was in this I was quick to go and see it. While he has nothing on Leo, he was a brilliant Romeo if I do say so. 

But Richard Madden Owns My Heart

Coldplay: Never in my life have I seen a band so brilliant! I have seen a lot of people but I don’t think anything compares to seeing this band live. Even the slow songs made you want to get up and dance. Chris Martin has a way of interacting with the crowd and it really helps to make the experience. Honestly I would say this is the best gig I have ever seen and I saw it with my best friend which was an added bonus!

Wembley Stadium Has Never Looked So Pretty

What did you lovelies get up to in June and July? Let me know! 

Joey X

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