Good Morning Lovelies, 

I will admit to you all know that I had never heard of the classic film series, Female Prisoner Scorpion, but when I was sent the complete collection I was interested in finding out more. I don’t think I was expecting a show like OITNB and I am glad because this is nothing like that what so ever. 

Each film is a revenge story telling the background to the women in the prison but it is a lot darker than other prison series before. There is a sense that the directors did not want to hold back in showing their audiences the women’s stories and they definitely didn’t do so. 

From prostitution to being on the run, the anime films have been made with beauty in mind. They seem to show the truth in the situations and the scary admissions that the characters have to face, while working on making them seem like they are real and not made in a studio. 

There is a very solid understanding with this film that it is an adult anime. It is not an anime that children should be watching and it is one that will leave you thinking about it for days. When you finish one film you want to see the next one. Automatically. 

The gothic elements are what make the film dark and easy to watch on in fact. There is a nature in them that shows you that everything you thought about them will not be as easy as it seems. They are different and darker than anything. 

Overall the most incredible element of the films is the way in which they can hook you in as an audience member. You don’t know what to expect but what you get is gripping and thrilling. 

This is why I am giving the films…

4 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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