Good Morning Lovelies,

Upon coming home from Dublin I will admit I was in a bit of a bad mood. Okay more than a bad mood, I was actually really sad, desperately looking for jobs there and hoping the sun would put me in a better mood. However while doing all that I had the answer sitting right in front of me lovelies. 

After missing it in the cinemas I was desperate to watch Eddie the Eagle. And not just because of my ever growing love for Taron Egerton. The film had been a joy to many and I had only heard good things about it. So I stuck it on and snuggled up to enjoy it. 

Telling the story of one of Britain’s greatest Olympic heroes, the film follows Eddie ‘the eagle’ Edwards from childhood to adulthood as he tries to achieve his dreams of going to the Olympics. Consistently shut down though by the Olympic association and his father, Eddie doesn’t have much support, but his determination never goes away. 

Not knowing much about Eddie, the film showcases his rise to the top (quite literally), as he faces the slopes one by one, with one broken bone at a time. If Eddie is as nice as Taron Egerton plays him as, then he is a lovely person. Egerton has shown himself in a completely different way in this role. Not playing the tough guy but the soft gentle one is a lovely thing to see on screen. 

Egerton has made Eddie be remembered all over again for his fun loving antics and his on screen charm. If there was a film needed to showcase his talents further it is this one. Especially when faced with the likes of Christopher Walken and Hugh Jackman beside him. 

While mentioning Jackman it is fair to say that he is also a shining star in the film. Playing the drunk coach, the film sees him embrace what love he has left for the slopes and change Eddie’s life for the better. Although they don’t always see eye to eye or slope to slope in this case, Jackman makes coach, Bronson Peary, a fictional figure by the way, a likeable man even when he is misbehaving or acting in a way that is meant to make you dislike him. 

He has a good heart and it is that heart that beats and pumps the blood throughout the whole of the rest of the film. There isn’t a moment where there isn’t a comedic moment. From Eddie leaving the house to go to the Olympics at a young age to his mum taking her and her husband’s savings to send Eddie to the Olympics, the film has a message of never giving up. It shows you that you must give everything a go once. And even if you fall you must get back up. 

If Eddie’s story matches most of the action on screen then it is easy to see why he is still a legend today. He showed and proved to young people watching him on the screen to get out there. The events he took part in that were aired on TV showed millions of people and encouraged them to to go out and do what they must. And now this film will do the same for others. 

Eddie the Eagle is flying high again with this…

5 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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