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With Suicide Squad currently dominating the box office, I sat down a week before its release to catch up on what The Joker had been doing in the new animated DC Original Movie Batman: The Killing Joke. 

Given a 15 rating, the new animated film is a dark exploration of the Gotham characters as they go on a violent journey together to try and defeat each other. Of course Batman is around. As is The Joker. Together the pair is wrecking the city with their deadly battles and evil plans. 

The film isn’t one that young people would want to watch. I was happily going to watch this film with my young nephew, but I soon learnt that this wasn’t going to happen. The DC movies have captured the truth in the comics and made sure that nothing is left behind. 

It is a film that cements how evil The Joker can be to Batman and the items in which the films previous to Suicide Squad have missed out. The film is actually a perfect thing to watch in the aftermath of the film out now, as it adds to the brilliance of one of the best film and comic book villains of all time. 

Something though that makes the film different to others is the way it captures its female heroes and villains. Harley Quinn is dominating the world right now and rightly so. This film cements, even in comic book form, how vital it is to make the characters known and how much impact they can have on an audience. 

It is this recognition that has earned the new animated feature film this…

3 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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