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Growing up I was introduced to the character and world of Zoolander quite late. I had heard incredible things about it but it was only when I turned about 13 or 14 that I actually watched it and realised what I had been missing out on. 

So when I heard last year that Zoolander 2 was going to be reaching us all I couldn’t wait. Full to the brim of madness, celebrities and the Blue Steel magic it looked sure to be a hit. And while it doesn’t have a lot of the magic the first film does, it is still a little fashion gem. 

With more famous faces cameoing in the film than you could shout about, the film catches up with Derek Zoolander as he comes to terms with how his life has turned out. As he tries to overcome what has become of his fashion world it is soon turned upside down again. Faced with a series of murdered celebrities who have all been killed while doing his pose, Zoolander teams up with new faces, old faces and the biggest names in fashion to take down the killer (who we all know). 

Stiller is using the magic that he has to entertain a lot in this film. He manages to make the character appear as though he never disappeared and makes you want to grab your best clothes and take to the nearest runway. However his charm is lost in the number of cameos. 

While they are all fun and a lot of the time over the top, they get lost in the small amount of screen time that they are given. It is obvious this has been done to get so many famous faces in the film but it would have been better to have fewer but more charming moments. There isn’t one that sticks in the minds of people like Bowie’s cameo in the first film. 

There are two faces though that does stand out and is one that is really missed. Or has been really miss should I say! Owen Wilson’s return as Hansel and Will Ferrell’s continuously and always hilarious Mugatu are figures that have never left the hall of film fame. Hansel is still calm and Mugatu is still trying to top the fashion world with his evil ways. Mugatu’s evil ways are actually a lot worse but a whole lot funnier in this film. 

Without these faces returning the film and the story would be lost in a how many can we get in this film that are famous and will bring an audience act. Don’t get me wrong they are funny to see, especially a certain one that you would never expect in the film, but it does become a little bit too much at times. 

Overall the film is a fun take on a famous character with his famous friends, however the true heroes on the film are the ones that have always been there and they should have been more key to the story and plot. 

There so I am posing this film with a blue steel…

3 Stars

Blog Soon, 
Joey X

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