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Created by a film legend, Mr William A. Wellman, The Ox-Bow Incident is a noir film that shows where some of the best and most creative western films came from, as they have obviously been inspired by this film.

Set in Nevada, the film sees a town reacting after local cowboy Larry Kinkaid is murdered after tensions reach a new level due to the local cattle rustling. The film continues to show the aftermath of the murder and the actions the sheriff and the towns suspects react.

The story in the film doesn’t follow the norm, which surprised me as I was expecting to see outcomes and reactions similar to other western films. However this film is a lot more complex. It has a lot more darker moments and the reactions from the characters are very believable.

It is really easy to see from this why the film is a huge success in the eyes of Clint Eastwood and Henry Fonda, as it is the greatest western I have seen to date. And I have seen a few aha!

That so I am giving it…

5 Stars

Blog Soon,
Joey X

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